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Parents: Don't forget to make us proud
Friends: Don't forget to socialize
Teachers: Don't forget to get A's
Strangers: Don't forget to blend in
Opposite sex: Don't forget to look good
Society: Don't forget to be perfect
Tumblr: Fuck the world, at least you haven't murdered somebody today
Tumblr: But just in case you want to get away with it, here are some tips.

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We can debate the best way to handle Cory’s death and Finn’s abscence from the show.  Everyone right now is in different places and that’s cool. 

But if the show does decide to have Finn die….I think the most fitting tribute would be to have the Lilian Adler plaque that’s been in the choir room for four years be replaced by one for Finn Hudson.  That way he will always be in the choir room.

Oh that would be perfect.

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I’m sorry for my followers who aren’t Glee fans or don’t really know who Cory is, but Cory Monteith was an amazing man who died way too early, and it’s going to take a while for me to get past this.

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Glee changed their facebook photo to this one.imageI still can’t believe this is actually happening.

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To the Cast of Glee…

*”Keep Holding On”*

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